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We are a professional carbon fiber and glass fiber products factory, Our main products includes carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber molding products, fiberglass rod, fiberglass tube , fiberglass sheet , fiberglass profiles etc.. 

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Our products are widely used in kites, sails, umbrellas, tents, golf bags, fence systems, nursery stakes, transformers, tool handles, antenna rods and enclosures, ladder rails, brushes, toys, pet products as well as for tripods, flags poles, ski poles, insulators, gratings, composite rock bolts, fiberglass/carbon rebars, etc. 


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Fiberglass Stakes

SUPPORT the plant

A good alternative to replace the bamboo or wood , which have five advantages:

1. Excellent performance in UV resistance and chemical resistance

2. Will survive more growing season than bamboo stakes and wood stakes

3. Lightweight but sturdy, will never rust

4. Easy to install with the tapered end. Easy to cut to any length you want

5. Long life expectancy. Ideal training stakes, garden stakes, nursery stakes and vineyard stakes, tomato stakes

Olive Harvester Rakes Carbon Fiber Rods

Widely used in high-speed mechanisms requiring light weight and high strength

1. High strength (7-9 times of steel)

2. Small proportion (1/4 of steel)

3. Excellent thermal shock resistance

4. Low thermal expansion coefficient (small deformation)

5. Small heat capacity (energy saving)

6. Good heat resistance (can tolerate high temperature above 200℃)

7. Excellent anti-corrosion and radiation performance

carbon fiber rods

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Application of epoxy FR4 plate

Epoxy FR4 plate FR4 board definition: it is made of electronic grade glass cloth impregnated with modified bismaleimide resin paint, dried and hot pressed. Executive standard: Q/TXXFR003-2010 Temperature resistance grade: H grade Color: natural color (dark brown) Characteristics: It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, heat resistance and radiation resistance. Long-term working temperature ≥180℃.Uses: For mechanical and electrical use, suitable

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What are the advantages of G10 epoxy board?

G10 epoxy board is generally used as insulating structural parts in motors and electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, switch cabinets, transformers, DC motors, AC contactors, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other electrical appliances. It is widely used, while 3240 is an old traditional board. G10 is a commonly used board in European and American systems. Because the raw material resin

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Insulation board

Insulation performance of insulating board at different temperatures

Insulating board is a commonly used insulating material. Because of its good insulating properties, it has been widely used in many industries. However, we will find that the insulation of our insulating board will be affected by the quality of different materials, and the insulation of the insulating board will also be affected by different temperatures. What is the insulation

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Do you know the advantages of carbon fiber robotic arms?

The main function of the carbon fiber robotic arm is to follow the instructions during the process of interacting with the environment accurately, and locate in the three-dimensional (or two-dimensional) space for standard operation. As one of the automated mechanical devices, robotic arms play an important role in industrial manufacturing, medical, civilian, military, transportation and logistics, and space exploration. More

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