Manufacturing Process -- Pultrusion

Pultrusion is a continuous process for manufacturing composites with a uniform cross-sectional shape. Fiber reinforcement is pulled through a resin-impregnation bath and into a shaping die where the resin is subsequently cured, or set. Heating to both gel and cure the resin is accomplished within die length. Pultrusion yields continuous lengths of material with high unidirectional strength.


Raw Material

Material: 65% fiberglass & 35% resin or 75% carbon fiber & 25% resin

Fiberglass: S-glass, E-glass, etc. The most common material is E glass fiber, low alkali metal oxide content of the glass fiber. The specific content of alkali metal oxide, domestic current provisions are not more than 0.5%, foreign generally about 1%

Carbon fiber: Domestic carbon fiber, imported carbon fiber such as Tairyfil carbon fiber and Toray carbon fiber

Resin: Polyester Resin, Vinyl Ester Resin, Polyurethane Resin and Epoxy Resin, etc.


Fiberglass Yarn


Carbon Fiber Yarn


Dimension: Customized, 0.6mm to 200mm is OK

Length: No limit for length, we can cut the goods as your request

Density: 1.98g-2.0g/CM3 ( fiberglass products ) 1.5g-1.6g/CM3 (carbon fiber products)

Color: Various kinds of color for you choose, and you can refer to the standard colour atla

Shape: Rod, tube, strip, sheets, I beam, channel and customized profiles, etc.

Tolerance: +/-0.05-0.1mm

Surface: Smooth, polishing, painting, drill holes and make logo, etc


Fiberglass product and carbon fiber products widely used in

–Multifarious lightweight structures, fence structures, greenhouse structures

–Tool handles & profiles for the furniture and industry

–Construction industry, like scaffold and supporting frame, etc

–Transportation industry, like guard bar, fence and structure, etc

–Sports equipment, Tubes for skiing poles ,Telescopic structures, tent poles,Kite Tubes, model cars/planes/helicopters

–Electrical massage, exercise machines and leisure entertainment

–Electrical insulating tubes for the industry, Cable tray, Antenna

–Tubes for measuring devises and aligner

Pultrusion Products

Make products with same cross section , High output , Unlimited length

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