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Fiberglass FRP Rebar 

FRP rebar

FRP rebar

FRP rebars  are produced from high-strength fiberglass and vinyl or epoxy resin by pultrusion process, in-line winding and in-line coating process. Fiberglass provides the high strength required for rebar, and resin provides better corrosion resistance. Fiberglass reinforcement can significantly extend the life of cement structures in corrosive environments. Compared to traditional steel, composite rebar is an ideal replacement for steel in the following cementitious structures.

Typical uses of fiberglass rebar

  1. Architectural cement structures such as building foundations, prefabricated parts, garden columns, window balconies, handrails, sculptures, fountains
  2. Cementitious structures exposed to liquids requiring anti-icing such as bridge piers, highways, parking lots, fences, saline or liquid storage facilities
  3. Cement structures exposed to sea/fresh water such as seaside embankments, dams, river embankments/river embankments or built basements near the water’s edge, deep wells, etc.
  4. Used in other cement structures with corrosive media such as water treatment plants, chemical plants, paper mills, petrochemical plants, liquefied gas plants, storage tank/cooling tower foundations, chimneys, various smelters, electroplating plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, food factory etc.
  5. Used in buildings that require low electromagnetic interference or good wave transmission performance, such as aluminum/copper smelting plants, power/telephone communication equipment buildings, power/communication towers, hospital electromagnetic equipment rooms, EMR/MRI facilities, laboratories and special military facilities, etc.
  6. Cement structures that require short-term reinforcement in tunnel/drilling exploration projects such as tunnels, mines, etc.
  7. Weight-sensitive structures such as bridge decking, building exterior decorative panels, etc.
  8. Structures sensitive to heat transfer such as concrete/foam sandwich wall panels, prefabricated wall panels, etc.
  9. Special cement products or thin-walled concrete, such as GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), POLYMER CONCRETE, concrete decorative panels, etc.
Frp rebar
Frp rebar

FRP rebar Features:

1. Very high strength/weight ratio – great for weight-sensitive construction
2. Corrosion Resistant – Extends building life, reduces concrete cover thickness, saves long-term operating costs and concrete costs
3. Non-conductive, non-conductive – energy saving and environmental protection, eliminating the potential safety hazards of electrical insulation
4. Very good fatigue resistance – for building structures subjected to cyclic stress, it can effectively extend the life
5. Very good impact strength – suitable for applications where impact resistance is required
6. Good Wave Transmittance – Non-magnetic, good wave transmittance. Ideal for hospital MRI equipment rooms and other buildings with special needs for good wave transmittance
7. Lightweight – saves handling, installation costs

Advantages of FRP rebar over epoxy-coated steel:

★ Corrosion resistant
★ Tensile strength is twice that of steel
★ Non-conductive and thermally conductive
★ Stable elastic modulus
★ Good wave transmission performance, no shielding
★ The weight is only 1/4 of the steel
★ Standard bend and other shapes can be prefabricated
★ Thermal expansion coefficient is closer to cement than steel



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