Rough Fiberglass Rod for Climbing Plant Staking

Rough Fiberglass Rod

Coated with paint and sand, rough fiberglass rod surface keep the plants closed to the stake without sliping out.  Specification Material 65%fiberglass & 35% resinMaterial Thickness 0.5mm-20mm, customized width 2mm~200mm,tolerance±0.03mm Length Customized surface smooth Shape Customized Technique pultrusion Color Yellow/Green/Orange/Blue/red etc. Advantage 1. Excellent performance in UV resistance and chemical resistance  2. Will survive more […]

Glass Fiber Stake for Trees

Glassfiber Stake for Trees

Glassfiber Stake for Trees Information of Glassfiber Stake for Trees Fiberglass stakes widely used in garden, farm, landscape, vineyards and nursery for supporting plants like tomatoes, apple trees, vine, peppers, grape, flower and trees, etc. The standard diameter of fiberglass stakes we produce from 3mm to 50mm, we also can design and produce other kinds […]

Fiberglass Nursery Stakes

Fiberglass Nursery Stakes

5mm 6mm 7mm Fiberglass Nursery Stakes Information Of Fiberglass Nursery Stakes Name Fiberglass Nursery Stakes Material 70%Fiberglass Yarn +30%Resin Regular Diameter 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm etc. Length 1M 1.2M 1.5M ( customized ) Surface Glossy ( optional : red or black ring ) Production Process Pultrusion Colour Custom Fiberglass Nursery Stakes With Pointed End […]

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