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Catbon fiber tube

3k twill/plain carbon fiber tube

Catbon fiber tube

Information of 3k carbon fiber tube

Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties.It's less than a quarter the weight of steel,The tensile strength of carbon fiber resin composites is generally above 3500MPA, 7 ~ 9 times of steel, and the tensile modulus of elasticity is 23000 ~ 43000Mpa.Therefore, the specific strength of CFRP, that is, the ratio of strength to density of CFRP can reach more than 2000 MPA / G / cm 3, while the specific strength of A3 steel is only about 59 MPA / G / cm 3, and its specific modulus is also higher than that of steel. 100% Real 3K colorful carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber color tube, carbon fiber tube with color
Specification: Carbon fiber tubes、Carbon Fiber Plate、Sapecial-shaped Part The carbon fiber plate is a carbon fiber resin matrix composite sheet. Performance and charateristics High strength, light weight ,its weight is only 1/5 of the steel. Acid, alkali and salt resistance. One-off molding process and winding process Filament winding is a kind of processing method which winds the continuous fiber or tap dipped with resin on the core model in a certain way by winding machine which can control the tension and winding angle to moulding products of composite materials. 150T ultra-high pressure to increase the fiber content, much lighter and more strength One-off forming without coating a second time thus better controlling the plate thickness and uniformity. Surface Finish:Glossy and Matte Application:Aviation, models, vehicle modification and metal machine parts processing. The main size and specifications:Fiber Specifications:1K,3K, 6K, 12K Weaving Style:Plain. Twill Fiber Type: Carbon fiber+carbon fiber, Carbon fiber+ glass fiber, Carbon fiber+aramid fiber Thickness: Specific thickness can be met according to customer needs)

Name3K carbon fiber tube 
MaterialCarbon Fiber fabric
Length3 meters 
Surfacegloosy & matte
Production ProcessRoll-wrapped 
Shapeany shape with same cross section(round rod can grinding to tapered rod)
3k twill/plain carbon fiber tube 1
3k twill/plain carbon fiber tube 3
1K carbon fiber tube
carbon fiber auto parts
OEM catbon fiber parts

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