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Low-Inertia Carbon Fiber Idler Roller for Industry

Carbon fiber idler roller is unmatched for their combined qualities of strength and low weight – only a third of the weight of a comparable standard aluminum idler with 1.2 times the load bearing capacity. These high performance idlers use carbon fiber composite tubing for the roll shell. A special steel stub-shaft and lightweight aluminum headers keep total roll weight to a minimum.

Carbon Fiber Idler Roller
Carbon Fiber Idler Roller


Low-Inertia Carbon Fiber Idler Roller for Industry 1


1. Low rotational inertia/momentum

2. High stiffness/low vibration

3. Less power required to run

4. Reduced roller weight allowing for smaller lower friction (and maintenance) bearings

5. Faster line speeds

Parameter of Carbon Fiber Idler Roller


 carbon fiber & aluminum AL6061


  20mm, 40mm, 60mm,80mm,100mm, 120mm or customized


  one meter, shorter or longer



Inertia ratings





  3K pattern or pure black

These remarkable idlers are ideal for running wider, lighter weight webs at higher critical speeds. Inertia ratings are the lowest of any roller on the market.



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