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Carbon Fiber Rods for Olive Shaker

carbon rods

With features of light weight, high strength and excellent anti-fatigue performance, carbon fiber rods from Tstar are widely applied to the rake of handheld electric olive harvester. 

carbon fiber rods
Carbon Fiber Rods in Olive Harvesting Rake
Carbon Fiber Rods for Olive Shaker 1
Carbon Fiber Rods for Olive Shaker

Features of Carbon Fiber Rods

1. Light weight,   1/2 of alminum, 1/5 of steel;

2. High strength,  at least 5 times of steel;

3. No rust, no rot, no deformation by changing climate;

4.  Super long time antifatigue; 

5. Gentle, no hurt to the fruits.

Load Test of Carbon Fiber Rods 5mm

Goods Ready to Ship

cabron fiber rods
Carbon Fiber Rods
cabron fiber rods
carbon fiber rods with rough zone and chamfers
packing of carbon rods
packing of carbon rods



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