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Information of carbon fiber roller tube

Traditional roller bodies are often made of metal materials such as aluminum and steel. With the further penetration of carbon fiber composite materials in the industrial field, the advantages of carbon fiber rollers are gradually becoming more prominent, and they are gradually replacing traditional metal rollers.

light weight high strength carbon fiber roller tubes

Namecarbon fiber roller
MaterialCarbon Fiber tube + accessories
Diameter20mm 40mm 60mm 80mm 100mm 120mm
 Test machineWe have test machine for testing
WeaveTwill / plain
light weight high strength carbon fiber roller tubes 3
light weight high strength carbon fiber roller tubes 5

The main advantages of carbon fiber composite materials come from the physical properties of carbon fiber density and high strength. The most obvious feature is that the lower weight carbon fiber roller can increase the rotation speed, and the lighter carbon fiber roller requires less start-up time and inertia. Small and high production efficiency. Compared with steel rollers, the full-volume carbon fiber rollers are not only lighter in weight, but their critical speed is twice that of the corresponding steel rollers. At the same time, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials are very outstanding, and its tensile strength, bending strength, and shear strength are better than most structural materials, meeting the needs of use strength

Compared with metal materials, carbon fiber is a non-metallic material with low electrochemical activity, insoluble and swelling in acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media corrosion, has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties, and can adapt to many This kind of working environment has a long service life. At the same time, the working temperature of the carbon fiber roller is high to ensure the safety during use, its thermal expansion coefficient is small, basically it will not deform with the change of working temperature, and its size is stable.


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