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Carbon Fiber Sandwich Plate with PVC Foam

Featured less weight and more economic, carbon fiber sandwich plate is a kind of new composites board. While reducing weight, the sandwich keep the structure stable and keep the classic 3K pattern on the surface, it will not make the strength less too much. This kind of plates are popular for PVC frame, aircraft case, indoor decoration etc.


carbon fiber foam plate 4


  1. Much light weight
  2. Cost saving
  3. Sound insulating
  4. Impact resistant
  5. Dimension stable
  6. Customized size available
  7. Various surface available
  8. CNC machining feasible

Specification of Carbon Fiber Sandwich Plate


 carbon fiber+ PVC


 double side carbon fiber + foam core


30.09-0.150.05-0.09 g/cm³



Surface pattern

  3K twill matte, 3K plain matte, UD


  FPV frame, RC model, wall decoration, sign logo etc

More Images

Carbon Fiber Sandwich Plate with PVC Foam 1
Carbon Fiber Sandwich Plate with PVC Foam 3
Carbon Fiber Sandwich Plate with PVC Foam 5



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