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Customized carbon fiber telescopic tube

carbon fiber telescopic tube

Customized carbon fiber telescopic tube


Tube: Customized carbon fiber telescopic tube

Tube thickness: 1.5mm

Shrink length and extension length can be made according to your requirements


Customized carbon fiber telescopic tube

It is assembled with glass fiber reinforced plastic and carbon fiber conical tubes of different sizes, which can be divided into multiple sections and assembled according to customer requirements.Logo can be printed on the pole.

carbon fiber telescopic tube

Clamp quantity can be changed as requested.

carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. Its specific gravity is less than 1/4 of steel. The tensile strength of carbon fiber resin composites is generally 7-9 times that of steel. The tensile modulus of elasticity is also higher than that of steel. Its strength is greater than steel, its density is smaller than aluminum, it is more corrosion resistant than stainless steel, and it is more resistant to high temperature than heat resistant steel.

Advantages of carbon fiber pipe

Carbon fiber tube has high strength, long life, corrosion resistance, light weight, low density, dimensional stability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, self-lubrication and energy absorption shock resistance, high specific modulus, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high temperature resistance, A series of excellent properties such as corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Clamp size

Clamp connect tube size as follow, 19*22, 23*26, 27*30, 31*34, 35*38, 39*42 ( mm)

Customized carbon fiber telescopic tube

Application areas:

Golf poles, tripods for film and television, walking sticks, ski poles, video equipment, tents, etc., ironing machine brackets, high-twist scissors, hanger handles, flag poles, special antennas, luggage stretch rods, etc.

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