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Factors to consider when choosing fins

Factors to consider when choosing fins

For divers, a pair of suitable fins is the key to ease underwater.

It is no exaggeration to say that fins play a vital role in whether you can enjoy diving more comfortably in the water. If you know enough about fins, you can find the fins that suit you best.

Freediving fins for diver

Basic profile

There are two basic styles of modern fins: “Adjustment” style and ”Slip-on type” style.

Adjustable fins

“Adjustable” fins


For “adjustable” fins, the fins have an exposed heel with an adjustable strap, which requires diving boots. As long as you remember the principle and structure of the adjustment belt, you can quickly and easily master it, so it is recommended for beginners.

“Slip-on type” fins


The “slip-on type” is directly worn on bare feet or webbed socks, and we recommend it to divers who value the sense of integrity. Due to the skill and proficiency required for wearing off, it is more suitable for middle and high level.

Set foot fins

The length and shape of the fins

The fins’ surface is usually wider. In short, the larger the fins surface is, the farther you can swim with one kick. But in contrast to this is the need for foot strength, it is recommended that beginner divers avoid choosing too large fins.

Drainage holes and diversion ditch

The flippers move forward by paddling. Even if there is a water flow bag, the excess water will flow away. The advantage is that it can prevent the body from shaking and make kicking easier. So when choosing fins, try to check them.

The choice of material is very important

Common fins have three materials: “rubber”, “plastic” and “composite material”. According to the differences of various materials, we summarize the characteristics and advantages of each.

1. Rubber Fin

 Feature 1: Excellent reverse rebound force

The characteristic of rubber is that it is easy to kick water. Having a certain amount of self-weight makes your feet sink and helps keep your body stable. In addition, because the rubber has excellent elasticity, it has a great rebound force, so that the kicking feet can quickly recover and gain propulsion.

Especially for beginners, shaking the body from side to side will result in inability to maintain stability in the water. At this time, the weight of rubber is very important. At the same time, it will not bring excessive burden to the feet, and the length of the webs and the size of the feet are suitable for Asians. It is also recommended for underwater photography enthusiasts, especially if you want to keep your body stable when shooting scenes, you have to rely on it!

Feature 2: Matching foot strength, flexibility and various changes ·

The fins get forward thrust due to the resistance of the water, so they need to have moderate flexibility. The length of the web and the thickness of the keel will affect its softness. Especially the fins with soft webs and narrow keel can be bent more effortlessly. It is recommended for people with weaker feet.

In short, the length, width, and hardness of rubber fins are varied, and they are widely recommended from beginners to experienced divers.

Plastic Fin

Feature 1: Lightweight and design sense

The colors of plastic fins are rich and varied. Usually a pair of fins have 2 to 3 colors, and the shape design is unique. In addition, although the flexibility of plastic is weak, it can be compensated by design means to improve the forward driving force, so it is recommended for people with leg strength to wear it. At the same time, it can potentially increase speed.

 Feature 2: Not affected by depth

Combination Fin

Feature 1: Both the advantages of rubber and plastic

It is characterized by a combination of the strengths of the two materials: rubber material has high elasticity, while plastic material has a sense of design. Therefore, this type of fin is the most suitable for submariners who want to obtain both characteristics.

Feature 2: Not only is the shape cool, but also makes swimming easier

While pursuing a sense of design, it is also convenient for divers to swim in the water. The combination of plastic and rubber gives both strength and flexibility, so it has an extraordinary driving force and makes swimming more flexible.

Factors to consider when choosing fins
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