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Is the circuit board a fiberglass board or a PCB board?

fiberglass board

Fiberglass board

PCB is the abbreviation of English (Printed circuit board), which means: printed circuit board

  PCB circuit board manufacturing materials:

   is divided into grades from low to high as follows: A total of six grades are introduced as follows:

  94HB—— ordinary cardboard, not fireproof (the lowest grade material, die punching, can not be used as power supply board)

  94VO——Flame Retardant Cardboard (Die Punching)

  22F—— Single-sided half fiberglass board (punching)

  CEM-1——Single-sided fiberglass board (computer drilling is necessary, not die punching)

   CEM-3-double-sided half glass fiber board (except for double-sided cardboard, it is the lowest-end material for double-sided boards. Simple double-sided boards can use this material, which is 5~10 yuan/square meter cheaper than FR-4)

  FR-4——Double-sided fiberglass board



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