2020 Popular Fiberglass flag pole

Information of fiberglass flag pole

NameFiberglass flag pole
MaterialFiberglass + resin
SurfaceAs your requirements
fiberglass flag pole
fiberglass flag pole
fiberglass flag pole

Durable: In order to meet the long-term outdoor use of the flagpole, the flagpole made of Tstar fiberglass has been specifically designed in terms of material and craftsmanship.

Fashion appearance: Different from the metal appearance of the general flagpole, the glass fiber surface is white marble by default, which makes people feel refreshing. The surface coating process of Tstar fiberglass flagpole adopts yacht surface technology, so as long as some dust cleaning is done, it can stand for several years in the outdoor environment and still look like new.

Safety: Due to the use of non-conductive materials and the light weight of the flagpole, the Tstar flagpole fundamentally eliminates potential safety hazards. It is a better choice for installing flagpoles in densely populated areas.

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