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Black Fiberglass epoxy resin board FR4/ G10 sheet

G10 epoxy board

Black Fiberglass epoxy resin board FR4/ G10 sheet


Different from fiberglass pultruded profiles, fiberglass epoxy resin sheet is made from chemically treated electrician non alkali fiberglass cloth as the backing material, epoxy resin as a binder to laminate formed by hot pressing under high temperature, high mechanical strength, electrical properties under high humidity stability.

Specification of Fiberglass  FR4/ G10 sheet




Flexural strength

Surface resistivity (C-96/20/65)>105
Volume resistivity(C-96/20/65)MΩ·m>104
Flammability UL94 (1.6mm)ClassV-0
Solvent resistanceNo change

Advantage of Fiberglass  FR4/ G10 sheet

Fiberglass FR4/ G10 sheet

*High mechanical & electrical strength
*Excellent rigidity & dimensional stability
*Insulation, Good dielectric properties Easy to machine
*Tighter thickness tolerance Smooth and clean surface.
*Low water absorption
*Flame resistance
* High-Temperature resistance
*Flatness, Smooth surface

Application of Fiberglass  FR4/ G10 sheet

 1. Motors and electrical equipment insulation parts,
2. Fpc reinforcement plate, Carbon film board,
3. RC hobby parts, UAV Film frame
4. Electrical insulation, Insulating structural parts in electrical & mechanical
equipment, such as generators, motors, transformers, terminal boards, PC boards, washers
5. more.


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