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Fiberglass reinforced plastic rods

Details about it

Fiberglass reinforced plastic rods 1
Fiberglass stakes
apple tree stake

FIBERGLASS STAKES are strong and durable as steel stakes, but WILL NOT RUST! Flexible as bamboo stakes, but WILL NOT BREAK and keep the shape! Lightweight as wooden stakes, but WILL NOT ROT OR FRAY! Easy to install with the sharpened end. Easy to cut to any length. LONG LIFE SPAN! Epoxy holds fibers together to prevent blooming, while providing additional UV protection by shading the fibers withing the stake. Attractive Green Color won't come off. These garden stakes can be used from season to season for many years! MULTIPURPOSE UNIVERSAL USE! Application goes beyond regular use such as tomato stakes, cucumber posts and tree support. Secure your vines, trees, shrubs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, perennials, or other garden and flowering plants. Can be used as marker stakes or fence pins

Fiberglass stakes
MaterialFiberglass +Resin
Diameter0.6mm-100mm(0.027-3.94 inch)
Production ProcessPultrusion
Shapeany shape with same cross section(round rod can grinding to tapered rod)
fiberglass stakes
Fiberglass stake for plant supporting
Sharpened fiberglass stake
Sharpened fiberglass stake
Fiberglass stakes

Details description

Sharpened fiberglass stake
Fiberglass stakes
Fiberglass reinforced plastic rods
Fiberglass stakes

Fiberglass stakes for nursery support 

Specification: OD4mm~OD20mm

Colour: Any color can be customed 

Length: Can be cut as required length

performance:flexible &Strong

Surface treatment: Uv resistance

Service life: More than 10years 

Video display elasticity

product application

fiberglass stake


Fiberglass stakes are naturally suitable for humidity environment, will not rot or rust and no pest problem. Specially handled, fiberglass stakes resist UV, will not be fragile after long time sun exposure. Its reinforced roving and mat features great strength for heavy duty planting support.


Reduced tree defects: Keeps your stock growing straight.
No staking drawbacks: Flexibility encourages larger caliper, robust roots and stronger stock.
Longevity: UV inhibitors, flex glass fibers.

Durability: Will not rust, split, freeze, rot, or peel like paint.
Pointed ends for easy insertion at no extra cost.
Economical: With fewer defects and no need to replace every year return on investment in as little as one year.

Packing and shipping details

Fiberglass stakes
7mm Pultruted Fiberglass Rod
7mm Pultruted Fiberglass Rod


Q: Are you Trading Company or  Manufacturing Factory?

A: We are the manufacturer for 8 years.

Q: I am interested in your products, could I get sample for free?
A: We can supply a few pieces FREE samples if we have some in stock, and you only need to pay the freight cost by yourself. 

Q: How about the delivery time?
A: 10-15days after receiving the deposit based on the MOQ. Normally, 30-35days to finish the order for a 20ft container. 

Q: How can you guarantee the product quality?

A: We have the professional QC team for production daily inspection and outgoing quality inspection.

Q: I’d like to know your payment terms.
A: Basically, the payment terms are T/T, L/C at sight. Western Union, Paypal, Moneygram, Alipay, Credit card are acceptable for sample order.



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