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We are the leading Fiberglass tent poles manufacturer in China specialized in producing composites products for over 20 years , we have Pultrusion production line ,Roll Wrapping production line, Moulding production line etc.we make many kinds of solid fiberlgass rod and fiberglass tube for tents .we provide one-Stop OEM solution.

fiberglass tent poles manufacturer
fiberglass tent poles manufacturer

Traveling outside of leisure is becoming more and more popular. Long-distance travel requires accommodation. However, there are few people traveling in the wild, accommodation is limited, and the price is high. For this reason, people often need to travel in the wild. Overnight in the field, inevitably, the tent has become an important carrying item during travel. The travel tent has the advantages of light weight and convenient carrying, which can reduce the accommodation cost for travelers and experience the beauty of the field.

The dimensions of fiberglass tent pole we have

Outer DiameterInner diameter Weight(g/m)
8.5mm 4.0mm85

How to make fiberglass tent pole


the fiberglass tent poles are made by pultrusion ,The raw material of pultruded glass fiber tent poles are resin and glass fiber. It uses fiber as the reinforcing material, and resin is the bonding agent, supplemented by other auxiliary materials (main auxiliary materials: release agent, curing agent, catalyst, sealing agent, UV light stabilizer, mold cleaning water, gel coat, etc. ) Compounded. It has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small specific gravity, low moisture absorption, small extension and good insulation.

There are two main types of tents, one use the of fiberglass tent poles, and the other use aluminum alloy tent poles. Which tent pole is better?

many people thought that aluminum alloy tents were better because aluminum alloy tents were lighter. ( although the density of aluminum alloy is around 2.7-2.8 g/cm2 , and the density of fiberglass tent pole is around 1.9 g/cm2 , but the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy rod less than 1mm, and the wall thickness of the glass fiber tube is above 1.5mm) and the glass fiber rod cannot be used again after it is broken, it can only be replaced. Aluminum alloy can continue to be used and even repaired. so many people will choose aluminum tentsHowever, aluminum alloy is more expensive and has poor elasticity. The fiberglass rod can be bent 180 degrees into a circle without breaking.

However, aluminum alloy is more expensive and has poor elasticity. the new type of quick-fold tents are very convenient for folding and unfolding. It take very little space, much more convenient than alloy tents .It uses glass fiber solid rod instead of glass fiber hollow tube

when use the fiberglass tube, the fiberglass tent poles manufacturers need wear rubber band and gluing, which was time-consuming, laborious, inefficient, and limited in output. Due to the concentricity of the fiberglass tube produced by the fiberglass pultrusion process, the wall of the fiberglass tube are inconsistent, and the thinner part is easy to break, so the quality is unstable.For the new type of tents, the fiberglass tent poles manufacturers  all use fiberglass solid rods. The fiberglass solid rods do not have the problem of inconsistent wall thickness. The factory chooses special Glass fiber yarn and resin with better toughness, so the solid fiberglass rod can be repeatedly looped and bent more than 10,000 times without affecting performance.

In the future, fiberglass tent pole will take up more market , and the production capacity of fiberglass tent poles has been greatly improved, also the performance of fiberglass products is gradually improving. The prospect of fiberglass tent poles will be broader.

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