FR4 fiberglass epoxy sheet

G10 epoxy panel

We are Fr4 fiberglass epoxy sheet supplier , we produce Fr4 sheet , G10 sheet .

1.FIBERGLASS SHEET G10/FR4 have high mechanical and electrical properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance.  2.They are widely used in machinery, electronics, electrical equipment insulation structure parts. Using 7628 glass fiber cloth and high purity epoxy resin, fiberglass sheet G10/FR4 have high mechanical and electrical properties, high thermal mechanical strength.

FR4Class B product, flame retardant UL F-V0.(0.5-100)1020*1220/1220*2040/1220*2440
G10The heat resistance was improved on the basis of FR4.(0.5-100)1020*1220/1220*2040/1220*2440
G11The heat resistance and mechanical energy stability under high temperature are improved on the basis of G10.(0.5-100)1020*1220/1220*2040/1220*2440

Product implementation standards   
Raw materialElectronic fiberglass cloth
ResinHeat resistant epoxy
ColorGreen/Black/YellowGreen    Yellow
No.Test itemUnit   
2Vertical layer bending strength (normal)MPa≥340≥340≥340
3Parallel layer impact strength (simple supported beam method)KJ/m2≥38≥38≥38
4Vertical layer electric strength (90℃ transformer oil) (1mm thick)Kv/mm≥14.2≥14.2≥14.2
5Parallel layer breakdown voltage (90℃ transformer oil)kv≥35≥40≥40
6Dielectric constant(50Hz) ≤5.5≤5.5≤5.5
7Dielectric loss factor(50Hz)≤0.04≤0.04≤0.04
8Insulation resistance after immersion in waterΩ≥5.0*1010≥5.0*1010≥5.0*1010
9Tracking resistance index(PTI)≥200
11Temperature index130155180
12Water absorption(1-20mm thick)mg17~7317~7317~73
Notes: Range value is measured value of different thickness

FR4 fiberglass epoxy sheet Size: 1020x1220mm , 1020x2440mm, customzied.

Thinckness :0.25mm , 0.5mm , 1mm , 1,5mm 2mm ,3mm to 50mm

FR4 fiberglass epoxy sheet 1



FR4 fiberglass epoxy sheet 4

FR4 fiberglass epoxy sheet 7

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FR4 fiberglass epoxy sheet
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