Pultruted (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) FRP Angles / L Beam

Information of FRP Angles

FRP L beamDimension ( mm )Weight(kg/m)
FRP Angles


High strength:

The tensile strength can be 150-300MPa, and bending strength can be 200-300MPa.

Low deformation :

After 1000h aging test, the length change is + 0.03%, and the width change rate is -0.07%. Therefore, the shape and size of products made from the pultruded profile can maintain long-term stability.

High heat deformation:

The heat deformation temperature of the pultruded profile is 186 ° C. it will not brittle at -60 ° C, can be used at wide temperatures range.

Low water absorption rate:

The water absorption rate of ordinary FRP products is less than 0.5%, suitable for use in humid environments.

Low thermal conductivity:

The thermal conductivity of single-frame double-glass thermal insulation FRP windows is only 2.69W/m2*k which is close to rigid PVC, while steel and aluminum are 4.0 W/m2*k  

Strong corrosion resistance:

The FRP doors and windows are not only suitable for general residential houses, hotels, restaurants, but also for coastal areas and industrial plants with corrosive operating environments.

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