High quality FRP Fence for constrction work

frp fence

Information of FRP Fence

Product nameHigh quality fiberglass FRP insulated fixed fence for constrction work
Material compositionFiberglass roving,resin,filler
Resin typeGP, ISO, VE, PH
Colorred , green , yellow , or customized color
SurfaceSmooth,GritFine grit,Concave,Grit cover,Chequer cover
Sample provideAvailable
FeatureAging-Resistant,insulation,corrosion resistance
SizeCustomised Size
Trade termsEXW, FOB, CNF, CIF
Shipping WayBy sea/air/express
frp fence
frp fence
frp fence
frp fence


 outdoor transformer FRP safety fence has smooth surface, delicate hand feeling, bright color, high strength, good toughness, anti-aging test can be up to 50 years.In – 50 ℃ to 70 ℃ not fade, no crack, not brittle.

Characteristics of outdoor transformer FRP safety fence:

1, compared with the metal guardrail, outdoor transformer FRP safety fence has the advantages of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life.It is light in weight and high in strength, so it will not be irreducible deformation or damage even if it is limited by the self-resistant impact force.

2, outdoor transformer FRP safety fence a variety of colors, green, yellow, gray, etc., because of the light weight, so whether it is very convenient installation or cutting.Comprehensive performance, high economic benefits.

3, outdoor transformer, FRP FRP safety fence used for the material, the molding process is a continuous reinforced material impregnated resin adhesive solution under the action of the traction, such as by extrusion molding, and heat curing in the mold and heating systems, it has the following features: preventing electromagnetic interference, rain or snow frost resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust;Light weight and high strength;Fatigue resistance;Yan bright;Anti-aging, long service life;Excellent electrical insulation performance.No need to paint and maintenance, new and old, free you from maintenance fatigue and trouble,

4. Lowest comprehensive cost.It is easy and quick to install, and adopts the patented bearing type connection or the proprietary connection accessories to install, greatly improving the installation efficiency.Variety of specifications, a variety of models for your choice, safety, environmental protection, harmless to people (livestock), even if it is not intended to touch the outdoor transformer FRP safety fence will not be like steel, iron guardrail electrocution injury.

5, with enough strength and impact resistance, so that the FRP guardrail has both the strength of steel and the appearance of FRP.Using special formula and special ultraviolet absorber, no retreat, no yellowing, no peeling, no cracking, no blister, no moth, the service life can reach more than 50 years.

frp fence
frp fence
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