frp sandwich panel

Frp Sandwich Panel

Product Description

Frp sandwich panel is a high-performance composite material that consists of two outer layers of glass or carbon fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP/CFRP) and a foam core. This unique construction provides excellent strength, stiffness, and thermal insulation properties, making it ideal for use in various applications.

One of the primary uses of FRP sandwich panels is in the construction industry, where they are used as exterior cladding materials for buildings and other structures. The panels offer excellent weather resistance, fire resistance, and acoustic insulation, making them an attractive alternative to traditional building materials such as wood, steel, and concrete.

In addition to its use in construction, FRP sandwich panels are also commonly used in marine and offshore industries. They are used to produce boats, yachts, and other watercraft due to their light weight, durability, and corrosion resistance. They are also used in the production of floating platforms, oil rigs, and other offshore structures.

FRP sandwich panels find their application in sports equipment manufacturing as well. They are used to produce lightweight and strong components such as kayaks, canoes, bicycles, and snowboards.

Overall, FRP sandwich panels offer numerous benefits across different industries due to their excellent mechanical properties, thermal insulation, and weather resistance. They are a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

MaterialGlass/Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP/CFRP) outer layers, foam core
Thickness50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm
Flexural strength250MPa,350MPa
Thermal conductivity0.03-0.04W/(m·K)
Electrical conductivity6×10^-3S/cm
ColorBlack, White, Gray, Customized colors available
Surface treatmentPainting, Matte finish, Glossy finish, Powder coating
ApplicationsConstruction, Marine, Sports equipment, Automotive, Aerospace, etc.


FRP Sandwich Panel Application
  1. Lightweight and Versatile Material
    FRP Sandwich Panels are a lightweight and highly versatile material that offer unique advantages for a wide range of applications. Their light weight provides improved fuel efficiency, reduces labor costs, and enables ease of installation.

  2. Exceptional Strength and Stiffness
    FRP Sandwich Panels offer exceptional strength and stiffness properties that make them an ideal material for various load-bearing applications. The panels’ high strength-to-weight ratio provides improved performance and durability in transportation, construction, aerospace, and marine industries.

  3. Insulation Properties
    FRP Sandwich Panels provide excellent insulation properties that offer improved energy efficiency and a more comfortable living environment. The panels offer high thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing heat transfer and noise transmission in buildings, vehicles, and aircraft.

  4. Resistance to Corrosion and Damage
    FRP Sandwich Panels offer excellent resistance to corrosion and damage, making them a popular choice for outdoor and marine applications. The panels’ fiber-reinforced plastic material provides protection against environmental factors, ensuring long-term durability and safety in various conditions.

Overall, FRP Sandwich Panels provide a lightweight, versatile, strong, and corrosion-resistant material that is widely used in transportation, construction, aerospace, and marine industries for various applications. With their unique properties, FRP Sandwich Panels continue to gain popularity as a go-to material for many projects.

frp sandwich panel
frp sandwich panel


High Strength and Durability

FRP Sandwich Panels offer exceptional strength and durability, making them an ideal material for a wide range of structural applications. The panels’ fiber-reinforced plastic material provides exceptional resistance to damage and wear, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

Lightweight and Compact

FRP Sandwich Panels are lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to handle and install. The panels’ reduced weight also improves fuel efficiency and reduces transportation costs, making them a cost-effective solution for various applications.

Versatile and Customizable

FRP Sandwich Panels are highly versatile and can be customized to meet specific requirements. The panels can be produced in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to meet the unique needs of different projects. This flexibility allows for innovative design options and cost-effective solutions.

frp sandwich panel
frp sandwich panel

Resistance to Corrosion and Weathering

FRP Sandwich Panels are resistant to corrosion and weathering, making them a reliable choice for outdoor applications. The panels’ fiber-reinforced plastic material provides protection against environmental factors such as moisture, UV rays, and chemicals, ensuring long-term durability and low maintenance requirements.


Test Equipment

Testing Equipment

Our company is equipped with various testing equipment to perform strength and performance tests on fiberglass and carbon fiber products of various sizes. This ensures consistent product quality and enhances overall reliability.

tstar test report CFRP
tstar test report FRP


  1. Are you a retail seller? No, we are a factory and only accept bulk orders. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1000 pieces.

  2. What payment methods do you accept? We accept payment via T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and LC (Letter of Credit).

  3. Can all products be customized? Yes, we offer customization options for all our products. You can specify your requirements, such as dimensions, colors, and other specifications, and we will tailor the products accordingly.

  4. Can I get samples before placing a bulk order? Certainly! We provide samples, and you can request up to 10 pieces for evaluation purposes. Please note that samples may incur a nominal fee.

  5. What are the available shipping methods? We offer various shipping options to accommodate your needs. You can choose between sea freight, express delivery, rail transportation, or air freight.

  6. What is your monthly production capacity? Our average monthly production capacity is 1 million meters. However, this may vary depending on the specific product and customization requirements.

  7. Do I need to pay a deposit before production starts? Yes, a deposit is required before we commence production. Once we receive the deposit, we will initiate the manufacturing process.

Please feel free to reach out to our sales team for any further inquiries or specific requirements. We are here to assist you and provide the best solutions for your bulk order needs.


we provide the following services:

  • OEM /ODM service and support
  • Free promotion material if needed
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