Carbon Fiber Blocks

Carbon Fiber Blocks

Product Description

Carbon Fiber Blocks are precision-engineered composite materials known for their exceptional strength and lightweight properties. Crafted using high-quality carbon fibers and resin, these blocks offer superior durability and resistance to corrosion, making them ideal for a wide range of applications where strength and weight efficiency are critical factors. With a sleek, modern aesthetic, these blocks can be used in automotive parts, aerospace components, sporting equipment, and even as decorative elements in architectural designs.

Performance ParameterValue / Range (Typical)Unit
Tensile Strength2900 – 5500MPa
Tensile Modulus220 – 230GPa
Elongation at Break1.2 – 2.0%
Flexural Strength1600 – 2400MPa
Flexural Modulus180 – 210GPa
Interlaminar Shear Strength70 – 140MPa
Density1.5 – 1.6g/cm³
Hardness (Rockwell)Rc 55 – 65 N/mm²
Thermal Expansion0 – 1.0x10^-6 /°C
Glass Transition180 – 250°C
Impact Strength50 – 120kJ/m²


Carbon Fiber Blocks are used across various industries due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and other unique properties. Here are some common applications in English:

  1. Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, Carbon Fiber Blocks are utilized for creating lightweight and sturdy components such as body panels, interior parts, and chassis elements to enhance fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.

  2. Aerospace: For aerospace engineering, these blocks are critical for manufacturing aircraft and spacecraft components like wings, fuselage sections, and other structural parts where reducing weight is essential for improved efficiency and performance.

  3. Sports Equipment: Sports equipment like golf clubs, fishing rods, bicycle frames, and various competitive sports gear benefit from the stiffness and durability of Carbon Fiber Blocks.

  4. Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, they might be used for robotic arms, precision machinery parts, and structural reinforcement where a combination of lightness and strength is required.

  5. Architectural Design: Due to their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, they can be incorporated into modern architectural designs both as functional and decorative elements.

  6. Electronics: For shielding sensitive electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI), carbon fiber composites can provide a robust and effective solution.

  7. Defense and Military: The defense industry uses carbon fiber for its ballistic properties, manufacturing armored vehicles, and creating secure yet lightweight structures.

These applications highlight the versatility of Carbon Fiber Blocks, making them a valuable material in high-performance settings where weight, strength, and durability are paramount.

Carbon Fiber Blocks
Carbon Fiber Blocks


High Strength-to-Weight Ratio:

One of the most significant advantages of carbon fiber is its exceptional strength combined with a very low weight. This makes it ideal for applications where lightweight construction is critical, such as in aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment.

Corrosion Resistance:

Unlike metals, carbon fiber does not corrode easily, which makes it suitable for use in harsh environments and applications where durability is crucial, like marine or outdoor structures.

Fatigue Resistance:

Carbon fiber composites exhibit high fatigue resistance, maintaining their structural integrity even under prolonged or repetitive loading, which is essential for components in machinery and transportation.

Carbon Fiber Blocks
Carbon Fiber Blocks

Thermal Expansion Coefficient:

Carbon fiber has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, meaning it is stable at various temperatures, making it suitable for applications where heat resistance is required.

Electrical Conductivity:

Depending on the resin matrix used, carbon fiber can be conductive, allowing it to be used in electrical or EMI shielding applications.


The 3K molded cane handles are available in different lengths and diameters to suit individual needs. They can also be customized with different colors or logos to meet specific requirements. This makes them a versatile solution for businesses or individuals who need handles with specific dimensions or branding.

Aesthetic Appeal: :

The sleek, modern look of carbon fiber is highly sought after in the consumer market, particularly in luxury goods and high-performance equipment, where it serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Impact Resistance:

Carbon fiber blocks can absorb and dissipate impact energy well, which is vital for safety-critical applications such as vehicle crash protection.

Our Advantages

Mold Warehouse

Complete set of tooling

Our carbon fiber products are manufactured using a variety of molds to ensure precision and consistency in the final product. We have multiple sets of molds designed to accommodate different shapes, sizes, and specifications of carbon fiber components.

High production capacity

Our carbon fiber products are manufactured with high production capacity, ensuring efficient and cost-effective mass production. We have invested in advanced equipment and technology to streamline the production process and maximize output.

Moulding Machine
CNC Factory

High product precision

Our carbon fiber components are designed and engineered to meet the exacting requirements of various industries and applications. We utilize computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies to ensure precise measurements and cuts during the production process.

Catering to various customized processing needs

Our carbon fiber products are versatile and can cater to a wide range of customized processing needs. Whether it is for aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, or any other industry, our carbon fiber can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Carbon Fiber Sheet


Test Equipment

Testing Equipment

Our company is equipped with various testing equipment to perform strength and performance tests on fiberglass and carbon fiber products of various sizes. This ensures consistent product quality and enhances overall reliability.

tstar test report CFRP
tstar test report FRP


  1. Are you a retail seller? No, we are a factory and only accept bulk orders. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1000 pieces.

  2. What payment methods do you accept? We accept payment via T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and LC (Letter of Credit).

  3. Can all products be customized? Yes, we offer customization options for all our products. You can specify your requirements, such as dimensions, colors, and other specifications, and we will tailor the products accordingly.

  4. Can I get samples before placing a bulk order? Certainly! We provide samples, and you can request up to 10 pieces for evaluation purposes. Please note that samples may incur a nominal fee.

  5. What are the available shipping methods? We offer various shipping options to accommodate your needs. You can choose between sea freight, express delivery, rail transportation, or air freight.

  6. What is your monthly production capacity? Our average monthly production capacity is 1 million meters. However, this may vary depending on the specific product and customization requirements.

  7. Do I need to pay a deposit before production starts? Yes, a deposit is required before we commence production. Once we receive the deposit, we will initiate the manufacturing process.

Please feel free to reach out to our sales team for any further inquiries or specific requirements. We are here to assist you and provide the best solutions for your bulk order needs.


we provide the following services:

  • OEM /ODM service and support
  • Free promotion material if needed
  • Clients service one-to-one
  • Effective communication within 24 hours
  • New design and style collection updating for customer

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