carbon fiber tube

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carbon fiber tube
Carbon fiber roller
Carbon fiber tube

Information of 3k carbon fiber roller tube

•1.Compare steel and aluminum rollers, Carbon fiber roller are more rigid and less deflection (they can bear strong torque and tension at high speed). •2. Carbon fiber is light weight ,It density is 1.6g/cm3,It is lighter and 23% of steel, steel density 7.8g/cm3. •3. Carbon fiber is more wear-resistant than the surface of steel and aluminium rollers . That Increase the service life of carbon fiber rollers and reduce machine maintenance. •4.Light weight and high elasticity modulus can reduce the diameter and moment of inertia of carbon fiber rolls, increase the range of high-speed and stable rotation speed, and increase the limit speed of rolls, which is more than double that of steel rolls. •5. The uniformity of rollers made of uniform carbon fiber filament winding and carbon fiber cloth coating is higher than that of traditional rollers. •6. Compared with the traditional rollers, the weight of carbon fiber rollers is lighter, the inertia is smaller in the process of high-speed operation, and the torque decreases by an average of 50% compared with the steel core. •7. Carbon fiber guide roller conducts electricity and has the effect of eliminating static electricity. •8. Carbon fiber guide roller itself is corrosion resistant and suitable for chemical corrosion occasions. •9. Carbon fiber guide roller is insensitive to temperature, and its expansion coefficient is 0.12x10-6/. Under the change of ambient temperature, its own change can be neglected, which makes the equipment more stable.

Name3K carbon fiber tube 
MaterialCarbon Fiber fabric
Length3 meters 
Surfacegloosy & matte
Production ProcessRoll-wrapped 
Shapeany shape with same cross section(round rod can grinding to tapered rod)
High strength carbon fiber tube tapered for sport equipment 1
High strength carbon fiber tube tapered for sport equipment 3
1K carbon fiber tube
High strength carbon fiber tube tapered for sport equipment 5

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High strength carbon fiber tube tapered for sport equipment 7
High strength carbon fiber tube tapered for sport equipment 9



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