Do you know the advantages of carbon fiber robotic arms?

The main function of the carbon fiber robotic arm is to follow the instructions during the process of interacting with the environment accurately, and locate in the three-dimensional (or two-dimensional) space for standard operation.

As one of the automated mechanical devices, robotic arms play an important role in industrial manufacturing, medical, civilian, military, transportation and logistics, and space exploration. More and more new manipulators are beginning to use carbon fiber robotic arm. The carbon fiber robotic arm is many times more expensive than metal materials, so what are the advantages of it? Why robotic arm designers choosing carbon fiber composite materials?

carbon fiber robotic arms

Carbon fiber robotic arm has four major advantages

Light weight = low energy consumption and high production efficiency

The weight of the robotic arm is as light as possible. The lighter the robotic arm, the smaller its movement inertia. The lightweight design can optimize the power to weight ratio of the robotic arm. Choosing lightweight materials is also an important way to achieve lightweight robotic arms. The density of carbon fiber composite material is only one-third of that of steel, and it is about 30% lighter than aluminum alloy. The light weight means that the robotic arm needs to consume less energy during operation, and it is lighter and faster.


Even if the energy consumption ratio is only a little lower, or the production efficiency is improved a little, the effect brings in long-term and batch work is huge.

carbon fiber robotic arms

High strength = more carrying capacity, diversified functions

While achieving light weight, the robotic arm must also ensure that it has sufficient load capacity. The basic weight of the robot arm includes the weight of the arm itself plus the maximum weight of the workpiece grasped by its claws. The specific strength and specific modulus of carbon fiber composite materials are higher than those of steel, and its tensile strength is generally above 3500Mpa. 7-9 times that of steel. A telescopic carbon fiber robotic arm for tunnel exploration robots. Its arm thickness is only 5mm and a diameter of 18cm, but it can carry up to more than one hundred kilograms of instruments and equipment. This high load-bearing performance gives the robot The possibility of development in the direction of diversified functions.

carbon fiber robotic arms

Small creep = high precision and strong adaptability

Carbon fiber composite material has a minimal thermal expansion coefficient and small creep, which can adapt to working environments with large temperature differences. The rectangular telescopic manipulator tube equipped by Zhishang New Material for the electric inspection robot not only reduces its own weight, reduces energy consumption, and prolongs the work cycle exponentially, but also has stable working performance in harsh climates such as severe cold and high temperature. , Can complete instructions accurately and quickly, and play a huge role in replacing manual inspection work. This is also an important reason why carbon fiber composite materials are selected for robot design in many specific working environments.

Fatigue resistance = long life and low cost

Carbon fiber composite materials have good fatigue resistance. Parts made of this advanced composite material have a long service life and are low in maintenance or update frequency. Based on years of actual combat experience, in order to give full play to the fatigue resistance of carbon fiber composite materials, we should start from the most basic design and production, because the actual fatigue resistance of carbon fiber composite manipulators is often restricted by the composite material layer. The angle design of the direction and the load direction. Therefore, when using carbon fiber composite materials to make a robot arm, it is necessary to design a special production plan for the load and actual working conditions of the robot arm.

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