The Application of Nanofiber Toughened Film in Carbon Fiber Car

The advantages of carbon fiber car compared to ordinary car

The weight of the carbon fiber car is only a quarter of that of steel. Compared with plastic products, the strength is dozens of times that of plastic products. Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials were first used in Formula 1 racing cars, which made the cars lighter, faster and safer. Then, because of the superiority that other metals can’t compare in the field of anti-corrosion, and it has better water resistance and aging resistance, it can work normally in corrosive environment or harsh open air and humid environment, and its service life It can reach more than 25 years and then continue to be used in civilian cars.   

There is no limit to human beings’ pursuit of speed, and automobiles are constantly trying to break through faster speeds, but the safety of impact energy absorption of carbon fiber composite materials is the primary consideration for designers.

carbon fiber car
2014 Silverstone Carbon Fiber Ferrari Race Car

Carbon fiber car have outstanding safety performance

in the 2014 Silverstone accident at Raikkonen, a full-body carbon fiber reinforced composite Ferrari car slammed into the protective wall of the track at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour, with an instantaneous impact force of 47g, and then bounced back. The race track, and then hit the opposite guardrail, and finally the driver of the car was only slightly injured and climbed out of the car. But if this is an ordinary metal car, then the safety of the racer can be imagined. Compared with traditional metal materials, carbon fiber racing cars have leapfrog advantages in terms of performance and safety.

carbon fiber car
BMW 7 Series carbon fibe body

Whether it is a racing car or a civilian car, the core market positioning is the safety and speed of impact energy absorption of carbon fiber composite materials. For racing car bodies and other structural parts that can reduce weight, we hope to have a material with good strength and toughness, which is strong and not easy to break. Compared with ordinary steel, carbon fiber has a strength that exceeds that of steel. The fracture toughness of diamonds, such as the well-known diamonds and glass, is quite high, but the toughness is very low. In addition, rubber materials, such as our common tires, are very tough and will not break easily, but they do not have the strength of steel.

The Application of Nanofiber Toughened Film in Carbon Fiber Car 1

In the figure, the vertical axis Strength is the tensile strength, and the horizontal axis toughness is the breaking energy. The dark purple composites fiber composite material and the light purple metals and alloys metal material in the upper right corner. From this figure, we can see that the toughness and impact resistance of FRP carbon fiber reinforced composite materials and traditional metal materials are not much different. For example, for the same metal material, the toughness of copper is stronger than that of steel, but its strength is significantly lower than that of steel, while the strength of low-alloy steel is greatly improved compared to steel.

the toughness of carbon fiber and steel almost the same

A car will produce a great impact in a collision. If the material has good energy absorption capacity, this will minimize the damage. This requires the ability to provide carbon fiber toughness enhancement. There are many studies and tests at home and abroad. Europe is using a kind of carbon fiber prepreg reinforced fiber membrane in F1 Formula One racing cars and super sports cars. In the material, the purpose is to improve toughness and impact resistance. it is easily wetted by resin and is compatible with epoxy resin and polyester resin systems to reduce brittleness and increase the crack absorption characteristics of epoxy resin between the reinforced layers of composite materials. In some cases, the addition of nanofibers can increase the delamination resistance by 170%, and the impact energy absorption of carbon fiber composites can be increased by 20%.

With the steady development of the carbon fiber automobile market, Chinese brand automobile companies have launched high-end brands after years of market experience, technology accumulation, and industrial upgrading. From an environmental point of view, lightweight cars can save 1/4 fuel consumption, and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials can further improve the characteristics of lightweight and high-strength cars. After that, this kind of material that makes racing cars lighter, faster and safer Never left the stage of the car.

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