Fiberglass Duct Rod For Wire Cable Pulling

Fiberglass Duct Rod

Information of Fiberglass Duct Rod

Pull-Braiding is our New Production Process ,It combining the advantages of pultrusion and roll-wrapping process ,the products made by pull-braiding have very good shear strength eaqual to the roll-warpping tube but the length of it can be unlimited as the pultrusion tube.

Technical Specification

Glass reinforced Composite Core:general properties

KeinforcementE-glass fiber
Glass content of inner part75-80%
Material of pulling rod

resin + fiberglass

Diameter tolerance+/-0.10mm
Work situation temperature -40°C to +80°C

Mechanical properties

Minimum pullling strength4000 N+/-5%
Tensile modulus>30000Mpa
Consistency of rod150gr/m +/-5%
Flexural modulus>30000M pa
Elongation at break2.5-3%

Polyethylene Cover

Tensile strength>15N/mm2

Environmental stress & 

crack resistance

>1000 hr.
Heat stabilityOK.
Carbon blackOK.
Fiberglass Duct Rod For Wire Cable Pulling 3
Fiberglass Duct Rod
Fiberglass Duct Rod
Fiberglass Duct Rod
Fiberglass Duct Rod
Fiberglass Duct Rod
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