Pultruted fiberglass rod Farming Application plant supporting stake

Information of Fiberglass Tree Support Stakes

Fiberglass Tree Support Stakes
Product type
Fiberglass product
Diameter & length
As you required
Solid, round, square, tube, rectangular, triangular
In order to offer you an accurate quotation, please provide the following information
1. Diameter & length
2. Color 
3. Surface requirement.
4. Quantity
If you have other requirement, please feel free to tell us at the same time.
Here is the dimension that widely used for supporting plants
1. Diameter from 3.0mm-5.5mm, length from 300mm-600mm, which are used for supporting flowers, especially in the Netherlands, which are famous for flowers.
2. Diameter from 6.0mm-8.0mm, length alway be 4”(=1220mm), 1500mm, 6”(=1830mm), which are widely used for supporting grapes, peppers.
3. Diameter from 8.0mm-12.0mm, length alway be 1500mm, 2000mm-2400mm, which are widely used for supporting tomatoes, peppers, and vine, etc.
4. OD*ID: 25*21mm, 28*24mm, 32*28mm, 35*30mm, 41*37mm, length 3000mm-3500mm, which are widely used for supporting trees, like apple trees.
5. Diameter 15mm and 16mm, and the flat bar are widely used in plant, too.
6. For the small diameter, the customer will require that one side should be taper, just like a pencil point.

Also, we can send you some samples to do the testing for free if it is available. 
Fiberglass Tree Support Stakes
Fiberglass Tree Support Stakes
Fiberglass Tree Support Stakes
Fiberglass Tree Support Stakes
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