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FRP products in Construction

Due to its range of beneficial properties, contractors use FRP in a variety of settings.  FRP panels commonly find use within:

  • Access and safety structures. FRP’s non-slip, durable surface makes it an ideal material for building safer access platforms, catwalks, stairs, and railings.
  • Pedestrian bridge decking. FRP’s non-slip texture also makes it well-suited for pedestrian bridge paneling. FiberSPAN is lightweight yet sturdy, with a slight give that makes it a more comfortable walking surface than concrete.
  • Vehicular bridge decking. Even at a fraction of the weight of concrete, sturdy FiberSPAN-V panels will withstand heavy dynamic loads from motor traffic.
  • Rail platforms. FiberSPAN-R rail platforms are highly corrosion-resistant and better withstand frequent exposure to adverse weather and corrosive deicing chemicals than comparable construction materials.
  • Tanks and piping. Low weight and high corrosion resistance make FRP composites an ideal material for many industrial applications, including processing tanks and pipes.
  • Balconies. Pre-fabricated FiberSPAN balconies are affordable and easy to install, yet they promise decades of slip-free performance under even heavy foot traffic.
  • Architectural details.FRP is easily color matched to existing facades, making it a great candidate for exterior building design features. FRP may be especially useful on exposed detailing, doubling as a protective, weather-resistant element.
FRP products
FRP products

These examples represent only a fraction of relevant use cases for FRP and FiberSPAN. For applications not listed, Tstar Composites Group will work with you to identify a material that matches your specifications and budget.

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Architects and builders need innovative materials that can reduce installation time and cost without sacrificing performance. Tstar Composites Group’s FiberSPAN line leverages the light weight and durability of FRP materials to yield panels that perform for 75 years or more. To see how fiber-reinforced panels can improve your design or structure, contact us or request a quote today.




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