How to distinguish between black fiberglass rods and carbon fiber rods

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How to distinguish between black fiberglass rods and carbon fiber rods 1
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Carbon fiber and fiberglass rods are two commonly used materials in various industries. The fiberglass rod is sometimes made black, which makes it difficult to distinguish from a carbon fiber rod at first glance. Some unscrupulous merchants may sell fiberglass rods as carbon fiber rods at a high price, so it is important to know how to differentiate between them。


One of the easiest ways to distinguish between carbon fiber and fiberglass rods is their appearance. The original color of carbon fiber is black, and almost all carbon fiber products are black unless the surface is polished and painted, because black is difficult to be covered by other colors, while fiberglass rods can be made in various colors by adding pigments to the resin,because the original color of fiberglass is white. However, if a black pigment is added to the resin of a fiberglass rod, it can appear very similar to a carbon fiber rod. To tell the difference, you can look at the cross-section of the rod. The cross-section of a black-pigmented fiberglass rod will appear very white than the surface, while the black color of the surface and cross-section of the carbon fiber rod is very similar.

Another way to distinguish between the two is by their texture. Carbon fiber rods have a distinct texture that is smooth to the touch and has a unique pattern. Fiberglass rods, on the other hand, have a texture that is more rough and has a woven appearance.


Another way to distinguish between carbon fiber and fiberglass rods is by their weight. Carbon fiber rods are much lighter than fiberglass rods of the same size and strength. This is because carbon fiber has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than fiberglass. If you have two rods of the same size and one is significantly lighter, it is likely the carbon fiber rod.


When a fiberglass rod breaks, the fiberglass strands remain intact and connected. However, when a carbon fiber rod breaks, it will shatter into small pieces because of its brittleness. This is because carbon fiber is a very stiff material, and when it is subjected to excessive force, it breaks easily. Therefore, if you have a broken rod and the strands are still connected, it is most likely a fiberglass rod.


Carbon fiber rods are more rigid than fiberglass rods. This means that they do not bend as easily as fiberglass rods. Therefore, if you have a rod that is very stiff and does not bend easily, it is likely a carbon fiber rod.

Other methods

In addition to these factors, there are other ways to distinguish between carbon fiber and fiberglass rods. For example, carbon fiber rods are better at conducting electricity than fiberglass rods. The resistivity of carbon fiber rods depends on their strength and modulus, generally between 0.9E-3Ω/cm and 1.6E-3Ω/cm, This is important in certain applications, such as in aircraft manufacturing, where electrical conductivity is a requirement. Carbon fiber is also more resistant to high temperatures than fiberglass, making it a better choice for products that are exposed to extreme heat.

There is also a destructive test method to identify carbon fiber rods and black fiberglass rods, which is to smash the rods with a hammer, hit them several times until the yarn is exposed, then you can see the color of the yarn at a glance. If it is white, it is fiberglass, because the pigment cannot be mixed into the fiberglass yarn, only into the resin.


it’s important to know the differences between carbon fiber and fiberglass rods so that you can choose the appropriate one for your needs. By taking into consideration their appearance, weight, breakage, rigidity, cost, and other factors, you can identify which type of rod you are working with and make an informed decision.

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