Insulation performance of insulating board at different temperatures

Insulating board is a commonly used insulating material. Because of its good insulating properties, it has been widely used in many industries. However, we will find that the insulation of our insulating board will be affected by the quality of different materials, and the insulation of the insulating board will also be affected by different temperatures. What is the insulation performance of the insulating board at different temperatures?

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What is the insulation performance of the insulating board at different temperatures?

In the heat insulation board product series, we also divide the heat resistance of the heat insulation board into different grades. The insulation board is divided into y, a, e, B, F, h, C and other levels to facilitate identification of insulation board products that should be used at different temperatures. If the temperature of the classified insulation board exceeds, the insulation performance of the insulation board is very poor.

The classification of insulating plates can better understand the applicable temperature of the insulating plates and better use the insulating plates for a long time. If the temperature exceeds this stable insulation board, it will age rapidly as the temperature rises. Therefore, to ensure the insulation effect of the insulation board, special attention must be paid to temperature control to avoid the insulation board from being unable to keep heat due to high temperatures. If you want the insulation board to have good performance, you need to pay special attention to controlling the external temperature of the insulation board. Excessive temperature will hinder the performance of the insulating board, and the external temperature cannot be ignored.

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